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DAY 2 - Jeju Island/ Dongmun Traditional Market/Black Pork Street/ Jungang Underground Shopping Street

We took Jeju Air and our flight was at 1 pm. Before departing to Gimpo Airport, we headed out for breakfast. I bet you know this famous toast called Issac Toast with very good reviews and is recommended by everyone I know. There's one kiosk nearby our guesthouse, about 5 minutes walk and the store is run by a family I guess. It's located in the alley, so be sure not to miss the entrance! There're 2 other stores in Hongdae main shopping area ,you can visit if you have more time. As we were going to the airport soon after hence we opt for the nearest.

Speaking of that, I already started missing the toast!

    Early in the morning with my puffy face,heading out for breakfast

    Issac Toast is just across the road

There's only 1 table, which is the one we were seated. Lucky! So now we can enjoy our breakfast leisurely

Issac Toast ( Shinchon Ro,9)  Address:South Korea, Seoul, M…

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